much tumblr. very nerd. wow.

(also known as I fail at a title)
Tasha. Nerd, artist, bookworm, Ravenclaw, introvert. White queer femme polyamor-ish cis girl. Preferred pronouns are she/her.

So here’s what happened during the past three days.

I had awesome downtown hangouts with Alex, Andy, and Benji. I got an awesome skirt and bowl at Anthropologie and then hung out at Pioneer Square and Tea Zone and this pizza place and Powell’s. Benji came home with me and spent two nights. We played Sims and watched HIMYM and I got caught up on The Office and we went to Winco. I decided that Benji needs to always be at my house because my mom is really nice when he’s there. Everything was really great.

Now I need to go to bed so tomorrow I can get up and go to the library. I’m excited. :D

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