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The Boy Who Budgeted


Harry, installed for two weeks at the Leaky Cauldron and told not to go into Muggle London and please don’t go farther than Diagon Alley, spends the two weeks exploring the shops, doing his homework, getting free ice-cream and chats about wizarding history from Florean Fortescue , eavesdropping on other shoppers, and budgeting his savings.

No, seriously, the budgeting is explicit. The text comments that he doesn’t buy several nifty items, including the Firebolt, because “he had five years to go at Hogwarts, and how would it feel to ask the Dursleys for money for spellbooks,”

This is thing, Harry is thirteen and ran away from home, expecting to be expelled, is instead just told “oh god just stay here where it’s safe” and left to his own devices for two weeks. Thirteen year old Harry, unsupervised, quietly enjoys Diagon Alley and budgets himself.

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how terrified do u think harry would be if his scar started hurting again tho like omg

harry potter age 35 gets a sinus infection that causes shooting pains into his forehead he is next seen screaming and running naked in the streets of london firing expelliarmuses into the air

i want to read the daily prophet article about this

PRANCING POTTER’S PREPOSTEROUS PANIC: When the thought of you-know-who causes him to reveal his you-know-what. More inside on page 2! 

Marian is literally rolling on the floor crying and laughing at this.

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James and Lily on their first date and Lily can’t seem to understand why James gets pissed off when he sees a black stray dog sitting outside ‘The Three Broomsticks’ wagging his tail.

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I mean

the beauty of Ron’s character in the books was the way he kept rising above his programming

he could’ve been a useless fedora dudebro shit who kept whining about always being in the background and blamed everyone else for it for the rest of his life, but he didn’t

Harry had a shit upbringing, yeah, but he knew he was The Boy Who Lived. Hermione was the smartest witch of her time. and Ron, after growing up virtually neglected with six other siblings, could’ve withdrawn so far into resentment he became a Death Eater

but he DIDN’T

he’s someone who had all the makings of a Voldemort supporter and yet at every turn actively rejected Voldemort and everything he stood for and supported his friends, and became a hero in his own right. he stood up for Hermione when Snape bullied her, he stood up for Harry of his own accord in the fourth book when he realized his mistake, he saved both of them in the chess game, he came back in the seventh book once he realized abandoning them was a shitty thing to do

Ron’s the perfect example of how facing your own demons is the most difficult thing you can do, and sometimes, the most heroic. even when the locket-Horcrux was telling him all his worst fears (i.e. Harry and Hermione falling in love because Hermione found Ron worthless) he still put his friend above everything and stabbed the fucker

so in conclusion I just really love Ron and I feel that he gets shortchanged a lot when he shouldn’t be okay

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