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life tip: if you have to do something you’re afraid of just imagine yourself as an animated protagonist underdog in a disney movie

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Pre-serum, Steve Rogers was COLOR BLIND. He literally opened his eyes to a whole different world.

My mind is totally blown by this.

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I really love the Princess Thor/Tiny Princess Captain America/Princess Hulk little girls, and the great guardians/caregivers who made their costumes and the avengers fanpeoples who gushed about them

Like, love them SO MUCH it’s become this little verse in my head

  • Thor loves all his little princesses and all their pictures and he writes them back and whenever anyone (Tony, Clint) try to tease him about it he just starts waxing so earnestly rhapsodic about them and their artistic talent that you can’t help be impressed with these little girls too
  • Steve got fan mail in the War but it was nothing like this. He blushes when he sees the pics on tumblr (Tony has Jarvis constantly trolling for this stuff) and he draws them pictures back and whenever he gets a letter from a little girl whose grandparents/great-grandparents used to tell stories about him, he just doesn’t know what to do with himself. He knew he was making a difference but to hear ‘The only reason I’m here is because you saved my great-grandpa in WWII’ is just HUGE.
  • After the Battle of New York, there was a little girl in Harlem who wanted to be Princess Hulk for her birthday, because, yeah, he smashed the borough up but then he came back to protect it and the rest of the city and her mom sent pics to the Tower. Thor and Steve were the ones to actually show Bruce the pics, a ‘Welcome to the Club’ sort of deal and Bruce smiled that tight, shy smile of his and now the pic is in a frame on his desk.
  • Natasha takes her fangirls, older girls, pre-teen, teenagers, women grown, very seriously. She doesn’t really know what to do with this adulation but she knows how much role models can mean to a girl and busts her ass to make sure she encourages these women to be strong.
  • By this point, Tony’s more than a little miffed there aren’t more Princess Iron Mans, even with all the fancy underwear he gets. He’s always gotten fancy underwear, it doesn’t even register on his radar unless it’s in a package addressed to Pepper.
  • Clint feels a little left out too.
  • For Christmas, Natasha gets Clint a Princess Hawkeye Build-A-Bear. (her name is Bertha)


i super enjoy the idea of Scott & Lydia. like, Scott & Lydia looking to one another to be a quiet, calm in the storm. Scott always offering to carry Lydia’s books for her, and then watching her sail away dreamily, cos she don’t need nobody holding her books. Scott & Lydia studying together, and both of them learning from it because they each have things to teach the other, and sometimes maybe Scott gets distracted, watching Lydia frown as she concentrates on something, sometimes maybe Lydia finds herself looking at Scott’s furrowed brow, and reaching over to smooth it out gently. Lydia wandering around on Sunday mornings in Scott’s lacrosse hoodie he left once after a movie marathon, cos it’s comfy and just a little big on her. Scott playing with Lydia’s hair. Lydia knowing she can tell him anything and trust him to keep it a secret, to keep her safe, and Scott feeling the same. Scott never judging her, but always willing to stand up for himself, push back, gently, carefully, always with a sweetness she’s never had before. it’s never dangerous or volatile, it’s passionate and intense, the way they would fall in love, but it’s sweet and simple and equal, and Lydia is Scott’s Queen, not because he puts her on a pedestal but because she makes everything better for him when she laughs, and he’s learnt over time what does that, what makes her happy, and what makes her breathless, and Lydia’s just as protective of Scott, always noticing the little things that make him bounce on his feet, and he’s her sunshine and yeah, they’d be so happy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚ 

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