much tumblr. very nerd. wow.

(also known as I fail at a title)
Tasha. Nerd, artist, bookworm, Ravenclaw, introvert. White queer femme polyamor-ish cis girl. Preferred pronouns are she/her.

I hate cat pee SO MUCH. It’s ruined so many things and gives me the worst headache and if everyone could keep everything off of the floor in every room of our house it wouldn’t be such a fucking problem. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Sometimes I see people being shame-y about liking certain shows (like Glee or Teen Wolf) and I find that super upsetting because it’s really hard for me to not feel shame about things in my past. I still like Teen Wolf and I continued watching Glee for much longer than most people and I feel shitty admitting that right now and I hate that.

So many mixed feeling about my 18th birthday, which is in two weeks.

Sometimes I seriously consider making an indiegogo so I can have money for bras because my family is super broke and I am in so much pain.

oh my god i’m so anxious. why is talking to people so scary?

I am so overwhelmed by life.

Guess who’s starting the US Quidditch rulebook at midnight? I’m determined to be a good team manager and I’d really like to know things in case I keep getting shit from some of the guys. I’m feeling like I need to do more for the team but it’s SO overwhelming right now.