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(also known as I fail at a title)
Tasha. Nerd, artist, bookworm, Ravenclaw, introvert. White queer femme polyamor-ish cis girl. Preferred pronouns are she/her.

In my first week of being eighteen:

  • I’ve had five migraines
  • I opened a checking account and a savings account
  • Went to my favorite con and had a great time
  • I had to deal with gross football fans
  • I was super inspired by awesome ladies
  • I spent time in one of my favorite cites
  • Went on an amazing date, an amazing double date, and spent time with lovely people
  • Spent a lot of wonderful time with my boyfriend
  • Saw a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year and made buttons
  • The MAX stole money from me
  • My boyfriend’s mom (who has cancer) isn’t doing well
  • There was a bomb threat at what would’ve been my high school (where my best friend goes) and it was pretty intense
  • My grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 
  • There’s an amber alert in my city and that isn’t directly related to me but I still feel weird
  • I feel like there are other things? but my brain is tired and I don’t remember them

And in less than two weeks I’m going to Orlando and I just don’t know how to deal with anything.

I feel like most people don’t worry about being accidentally monogamous forever and never having any sort of causal thing but it’s honestly one of my biggest fears?

I hate cat pee SO MUCH. It’s ruined so many things and gives me the worst headache and if everyone could keep everything off of the floor in every room of our house it wouldn’t be such a fucking problem. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Sometimes I see people being shame-y about liking certain shows (like Glee or Teen Wolf) and I find that super upsetting because it’s really hard for me to not feel shame about things in my past. I still like Teen Wolf and I continued watching Glee for much longer than most people and I feel shitty admitting that right now and I hate that.

So many mixed feeling about my 18th birthday, which is in two weeks.

Sometimes I seriously consider making an indiegogo so I can have money for bras because my family is super broke and I am in so much pain.

oh my god i’m so anxious. why is talking to people so scary?